Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beast King

I stare upon the horizon. I can see nothing but a sea of his enemies. They are huge. No, they are massive. Each one is large enough to blot out the entire observable sky. However, it is at the moment they appear most fierce, most powerful, that the first tinge of his awesome aura floods the heavens.

I can feel it. The beast king is here. Everytime I happen to get this feeling, I know what would lie ahead. An extraordinarily epic struggle of enormous proportion. This time it's different. The enemies seem stronger, darker, more powerful, this time. This time it's different.

He does not even flinch at their sight. Him seeing one of them is the same as him seeing a thousand. To him, number is immaterial, size is immaterial, strength is immaterial. To him, all is immaterial. He will do as he pleases, however he pleases. Nothing will stop him.

He pushes through the ranks of the enemies with all the might he can muster, using everything he can, with as much efficiency as possible. But the resistance to him is incredible! Impossible! Impeccable! Nonetheless, he continues to push on, ravaging through his enemies, even as they accumulate upon him wrestling him to a near-halt. A NEAR-halt, however. It seems nothing would stop a power of such proportions.

However, something is still wrong. He is surrounded, wounded, beaten. I have never seen him like this. The battle seems to have taken its toll on him for the first time! I want to see how this will end. I want to know who will be victorious, but I am dragged away by a large yellow mass that seemed to consume everything in its path. It is a shame I will never know for sure who was victorious, but my gut believes it knows who won.

The Beast King

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