Friday, April 26, 2013

Translations: Nothing Pleases Me by Mahmud Darwish

A bus Passenger says:
“Nothing pleases me. Not the radio,
nor the morning papers,
nor the castles on the hills.
I want to cry.”

The Driver says:
“Await the arrival to the stop,
and cry alone all you can.”

The Lady says:
“I too, nothing pleases me.
I showed my son my grave,
so he liked it, and slept,
and did not bid me farewell.”

The Academic says:
“Me neither, nothing pleases me.
I studied archaeology without
finding identity in the rocks.
Am I truly me?”

And the Soldier says:
“Me too, nothing pleases me.
I always surround a ghost surrounding me.”

The angry Driver says:
“Here, we have approached our laststop,
so get ready to go.”

So They cry:
“We want what is after the stop,
so go!”

But I, I say:
“Let me off here.
I am like them, nothing pleases me,
but I am tired of travel.”

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